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GRAPEVINE, TEXAS - May 31, 2023 – The National Pickleball League, LLC (NPL Pickleball™), the first and only professional pickleball league for Champions Pros (Age 50+), is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated player rosters for each of its six city-based teams, as the league gears up for the exciting start of the 2023 season. The inaugural matches will take place in Grapevine, Texas, on June 3, marking the beginning of an exhilarating journey for pickleball enthusiasts and sports lovers across the nation.

Following an intense player draft held in April 2023, each NPL Pickleball team has successfully assembled a dynamic lineup of exceptional talent, combining both seasoned professionals and promising rising stars. Each of the rosters include nine women and nine men, ensuring a captivating display of skill and athleticism from both genders.

Without further ado, here are the official player rosters for the 2023 NPL Pickleball season.

Austin Ignite


  • Missy Grant

  • Chris Karges

  • Cristen Kessler

  • Tina Lum

  • Stacy Potter

  • Anna Shirley

  • Taylor Taylor

  • Lara Thornton

  • Amy Yarbrough


  • Greg Bennett

  • Scott Crandall

  • Steve Dawson

  • Jose Derisi

  • Jonathan Han

  • John Hedberg

  • Joe Paraiso

  • Vivek Talyan

  • Scott Trevethan

Boca Raton Picklers


  • Leslie Bernard

  • Jennifer Dawson

  • Eileen Giger

  • Jean Halahan

  • Roseann Heim

  • Colleen McMillan

  • Rachelle Mulanax

  • Jenny Reifeis

  • Pamela Wilkinson


  • Gerald Alvarado

  • Stefan Andren

  • Gregg Brents

  • Michael Chen

  • Daniel Gold

  • Paul Olin

  • Rich Lively

  • Lee Rosenthal

  • Jih-Shian Yeo

Denver Iconics


  • Susan Baze

  • Tracey Flynn

  • Patty Gallegos

  • Kris Harris

  • Kathy Mihelic

  • Kelly Ojeda

  • Linda Thompson

  • Eva Welsher

  • Helen Wilhelm


  • Arlo Abbott

  • Mario Boschi

  • Tom DeCaprio

  • Matt Endara

  • Scott Fliegelman

  • Dan Granot

  • Chris Montgomery

  • Scott Moore

  • Johan Svensson

Indy Drivers


  • Nathalie Bagby

  • Christie Bradley

  • Christie Domoracki

  • Mary Beth Henthorne

  • Kim Jagd

  • Kristen Nagrani

  • Lila Rawlings

  • Alka Strippoli

  • Natalie Todorovic-Shaw


  • Martin Clark

  • Chad Flynn

  • Kim Forsythe

  • Ken Julian

  • Rich Lopez

  • Chris Miller

  • Tao Thongvanh

  • Matt Troyer

  • Rick Witsken

Naples JBB United


  • Mary Helen Atkins

  • Jennifer Gallwas

  • Julene James

  • Kristy Kind

  • Kim Kesner

  • Rachael Kroog

  • Amy Porter

  • Aye Unnoppet

  • Kara Williams


  • Vinay Bahuguna

  • Matt Conrad

  • Joe Frasca

  • David George

  • Joe Mlaka

  • Julio Rivera

  • John Sperling

  • Tom Tueller

  • Paul Zickert

Oklahoma City Punishers


  • Beth Bellamy

  • Connie Burnett

  • Carrina de Vera

  • Maureen Doyle

  • Jenny Marcos

  • Maureen O’Malia

  • Danielle Polage

  • Moira Roush

  • Teresa Tarn


  • David Alexander

  • Lance Cowart

  • Brian Gelston

  • Mark Milner

  • Bill Muno

  • Tien Nguyen

  • Jaime Oncins

  • Alex Simon

  • Brent Waiwaiole

NPL Pickleball is excited to witness these talented athletes showcase their skills and engage in fierce competition throughout the 2023 season. As the sport of pickleball continues to captivate a growing fan base, the league is dedicated to delivering top-notch action, exhilarating moments, and unforgettable experiences for spectators and players alike.

Be sure to mark your calendars for June 3, as the NPL Pickleball's 2023 season kicks off in

Grapevine, Texas. Stay tuned for an extraordinary display of athleticism, teamwork, and passion for the game. All courts will be live streamed on the NPL Pickleball You Tube Channel for all matches on both Saturday, June 3rd, and Sunday, June 4th including feature matches all day on the Championship Court with veteran sportscaster, Ari Shanok, calling all the action with guest analysts.

About NPL Pickleball:

NPL Pickleball is a nationwide team competition for Champions Division (50+) professional

pickleball players, featuring top pro players from around the nation. Founded in 2022 by

Champions Pro players Rick Witsken, Beth Bellamy, Michael "Hammer Mike" Chen, and Tom

DeCaprio, NPL Pickleball’s regular season events will take place from June to September,

culminating in a season-ending Championships in October where the Championship title and

$100,000 in prize money will be on the line. All events in 2023 will be held at Chicken N Pickle's state-of-the-art indoor facilities across the country. For more information on NPL Pickleball, visit the league's website:

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