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SAN ANTONIO, TX – SEPTEMBER 14, 2023 – The National Pickleball League, LLC (NPL Pickleball™), the first and only professional pickleball league for

Champions Pros (Age 50+), is thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership with Skyblue

Pickleball for the league's inaugural season. This association designates Skyblue Pickleball as

the "Official Team Uniform Provider" for NPL Pickleball, serving all six professional teams, and lays the groundwork for a potential multi-season collaboration.

Beth Bellamy, co-founder of NPL Pickleball and the celebrated #1 rated Champions/Sr Pro

women's player worldwide, stated, "Aligning with Skyblue Pickleball demonstrates our

unyielding dedication to excellence. Their refined designs, combined with our elite athletes, set the stage for an unforgettable season."

The meticulously designed uniforms capture the essence of each team, blending style and

comfort in perfect harmony. Petra Michael, Co-founder of Skyblue Pickleball, commented, "Designing these uniforms was an intricate process. Every element was chosen to reflect each team's unique character, guaranteeing our athletes look and feel their best."

Furthermore, Skyblue Pickleball will helm the "Official NPL Merchandise" portal, providing fans a unique platform to express their allegiance to their

favorite teams. Shawn Berry, Co-Founder of Skyblue Pickleball, reflected on the larger vision,

"The NPL's innovative team-centric format introduces a fresh chapter of excitement for our

global audience, players, and fans alike. We're thrilled to be at the heart of this transformation."

Skyblue's uniforms stand out for their blend of contemporary aesthetics with advanced

performance materials, including anti-moisture wicking and quick-dry fabrics.

With their inaugural season well under way, NPL Pickleball will hold its regular season finale in San Antonio, Texas on September 15-17, while the season-ending Championships are

earmarked for October 13-15 in Glendale, Arizona. Each of the league’s 2023 events is being

held at a different Chicken N Pickle facility around the country, where all six teams are

competing for the title and $100,000 in prize money.

About Skyblue Pickleball

Skyblue Pickleball, spearheaded by Petra Michael and Shawn Berry, has carved a niche in the

pickleball arena. Their unwavering commitment to quality and groundbreaking innovations sets them apart as leaders in the field. For further details or media inquiries, please contact:

Skyblue Pickleball 

Phone: (702) 751-5898  


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